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Lente Móvil  Annual Event

     Lente Móvil presented "Identity vs Stereotypes” at Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA), a multi-media event that integrated photography, poetry, discussion, and gastronomy to eliminate stereotypes and give voice to cultural communities about the nuance of identity in the United States.

The curated panel discussion and lecture
"Identity vs Stereotypes - Redefining Our Collective Individualism" featured the perspectives of arts, academia, and social justice leaders.

Accompanied the evening the Latino poets whose original work responded and spoken to the powerful interconnections of the concepts Identity & Stereotype and how these two powerful ideas have influenced their life experiences.

This page has a few samples of our work. To see more please visit my portfolio page 


    After seven years of having participated in KBOO 90.7 FM as the host and producer of the program FA radio (FusionArte). The show brought people together to share their voices, projects, and ideas. As a cultural promoter, I treasure that we were able to recognize and bring the growth and hard work of our community to the airwaves.


Everyone Can Be a Leader

Exploring Nontraditional Community Leadership

     Popular understandings of leadership tell us that leaders look a certain way: they are in charge. They possess outward strength.  Is there an alternative type of leadership? When are we leaders in our communities? This is the focus of this conversation. To learn more or host a conversation project event, visit the Oregon Humanities site


     Pepe Moscoso is a Portland-based Visual Artist, Creative Consultant, Arts Producer, and Lawyer. A lot of his work has to do with education, inclusion, personal narrative, the exploration of identity, diversity and storytelling in a variety of forms.

For the past 10 years as an artist, producer & consultant.  He had the opportunity to collaborate with different institutions, producers, and organizations. Working with creative projects for the community.


      Our projects and events have been grounded in the experiences of Latino people living in the Pacific Northwest, but the issues that these events have raised are relevant to cultural and marginalized communities in all areas of the U.S. Through discourses on leadership, subculture, migration, identity, diversity, and stereotype. These projects and events have demonstrated the critical role that the arts can play in advancing social justice, and bringing the invisible to light.